Vivek Bindra vs Sandeep Maheshwari : Vivek Bindra Scammed students selling Courses

Vivek Bindra vs Sandeep Maheshwari: The recent controversy emerged through Youtube when Sandeep Maheshwari posted a video titled as’ Big Scam Exposed’. The video directly objectified to popular Youtuber Vivek Bindra. Let us get in detail what actually happened?

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How Vivek Bindra scamming people?

Sandeep Maheshwari arranges free sessions for students to guide and inspire them about future and career. During one of the session, students from his sesson confessed that they were scammed by one of the big Youtubers.

Students complained about Vivek Bindra in Sandeep Maheshwari’s session, they bought business courses of Vivek Bindra for INR 50,000, INR 35,000 but got no worth. These courses are business courses but it has no value according to students who purchased.

Vivek Bindra’s courses are sold as business courses. But, when students enroll in this course, they get video modeules teaching basics about business terms. And, if they want to earn money, these courses offer them commision based scheme. Under this scheme, students who purchased this course can sell the same course to one of his friend and relative in exchange of heavy commison.

In short, people who bought a course to learn the business end up becoming salesmen for Vivek Bindra just to earn some money. Students complained that these courses were sold to them by their relatives. Relatives pressurized students’ parents to enroll their children in courses. In exchange, relatives earn a commission and the person who buys the course ends up losing money in exchange for No value.

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Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra

This who matter became Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra as this issue got raised through Sandeep Maheshwari’s Video. Sandeep Maheshwari is authorised and truted Youtube Brand among studnets and Indians. After the video posted on Youtube, team of vivek Bindra tried to threaten Sandeep Maheshwari legally. In exhange, Sandeep Maheshwari also wrote about current controversy.

Sandeeo maheswari said, “My team is under a lot of pressure to delete my latest video. Let me make it absolutely clear. We will NOT delete it under any circumstances. In fact, the person who exposed this SCAM in the video has been getting a lot of calls to change his statement (we have all the call recordings). I have a feeling that it’s going to get bad. But I am ready for it because I am taking this stand for our society. I know that I am not alone. All of you are standing with me. Right?”

vivek bindra vs sandeep maheshwari

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