Who is Rohan Malhotra, an Ex-Boyfriend of Radhika Merchant?

Rohan Malhotra and Radhika Merchant : The love life of prominent individuals often piques public interest, and the same holds true for Radhika Merchant, who is engaged to Anant Ambani a son of Mukesh Ambani. Among the various aspects of her life that have drawn attention, her past relationship with Rohan Malhotra stands out.

Who is Rohan Malhotra?


Age30 years
Net WorthRs. 2.3 Crores
SchoolingCathedral and John Connon School; Ecole Mondiale World School
Higher EducationMBA from the University of California
FatherNot Available
Marital StatusNot Married
Hair ColorBlack
Height6 feet
Weight87 kg

Rohan Malhotra has emerged in the public eye primarily due to his speculated past connection with Radhika Merchant. While specific details about his personal life and professional background remain limited in public knowledge, he has been recognized as potentially belonging to a well-established business family. This assumption is partly based on his social media connections, which include Radhika Merchant and other notable personalities.

Radhika Merchant and Rohan Malhotra’s Relationship

The relationship between Radhika Merchant and Rohan Malhotra caught public attention after old photos of the two surfaced online. These images, dating back to around 2013, led to speculation about their past relationship. The pictures depicted them in close and friendly postures, and Radhika’s comments on these photos further fueled rumors about them being in a relationship at that time.

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Then vs Now Picture of Radhika and Rohan

Current Pictures are from Pre-Wedding Event where Rohan was also invted and he performed dance.

The Nature of Their Bond

Determining the exact nature of Radhika and Rohan’s relationship from years ago is challenging, primarily due to the lack of concrete evidence and official statements from either party. While social media posts and comments suggest a close bond, it is uncertain whether they were in a romantic relationship or shared a strong friendship.

Current Dynamics between Radhika and Rohan

Interestingly, Rohan Malhotra was present at Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding celebrations, indicating that he maintains a friendly relationship with Radhika. His involvement in the event’s dance performance further suggests amicable ties between them.

In the absence of clear information, much of what is known about Rohan Malhotra and his past relationship with Radhika Merchant remains in the realm of speculation and public conjecture. While their past may remain a topic of interest, it is their present and future paths, especially Radhika’s upcoming marriage to Anant Ambani, that are currently in the spotlight.

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