PnB Rock Net Worth in 2024, Bio, and Personal Life

PnB Rock Net Worth : PnB Rock, born Rakim Hasheem Allen, is a prominent American rapper, singer, and songwriter, best known for his hit songs like “Fleek” and “Selfish.” Born on December 9, 1991, in Germantown, Philadelphia, he has made a significant impact in the music industry. As of 2023, PnB Rock’s net worth is estimated to be over $4 million.

PnB Rock’s Life Journey

pnb rock net worth

Full NameRakim Hasheem Allen
Stage NamePnB Rock
Date of BirthDecember 9, 1991
BirthplaceGermantown, Philadelphia, United States
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter
Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight62 Kg
Ex-GirlfriendStephanie Sibounheuang
ChildrenMilan Allen

PnB Rock’s journey in the music industry began with his mixtape ‘Real N*gga Bangaz’ in 2014. His breakthrough came with the hit single “Fleek” and later “Selfish,” which peaked at #51 on the Billboard Hot 100. His albums have consistently performed well, earning him a significant following and financial success.

PnB Rock Net Worth in 2024

YearEstimated Net Worth
2019$2 Million
2020$2.5 Million
2021$2.8 Million
2022$3 Million
2023$3.5 Million
2024Estimated to be $4 Million

By 2024, PnB Rock’s net worth is estimated to be slightly above $4 million, reflecting his continued success in the music industry.

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PnB Rock Age and Birthday

Born on December 9, 1991, PnB Rock is 32 years old as of 2023. His career has been marked by a rapid rise to fame, thanks to his unique style and hit tracks.

PnB Rock Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight62 Kg

PnB Rock stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 62 Kg. His physical appearance, combined with his musical talent, has made him a popular figure in the hip-hop community.

PnB Rock Personal Life and Family

PnB Rock had a relationship with social media celebrity Stephanie Sibounheuang. He is a father to a daughter named Milan Allen. Despite personal challenges, he has maintained a successful career in the music industry.

PnB Rock’s journey in the music industry, marked by his hit singles and albums, has led to a net worth of slightly above $4 million, making him one of the influential figures in modern hip-hop.

Virals of PnB Rock

More Info About PnB Rock

pnb rock net worth

Recent updates on PnB Rock have been a topic of concern and interest among fans and the music community. Discussions on Twitter regarding the circumstances of him being shot have been prevalent.

His association with his label has been a key part of his music career. The tragic news about his killers has been a shocking and sorrowful topic.

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Videos related to PnB Rock, including his music and interviews, continue to be sought after by fans.

Some Lesser Known Facts About PnB Rock

  • Twitter Laying in Blood: Disturbing images circulated on Twitter showing PnB Rock in a dire situation.
  • Getting Shot: The incident where he was shot has been a major and unfortunate event in his life.
  • Birth: PnB Rock was born on December 9, 1991, in Germantown, Philadelphia.
  • Place of Death: Details about where PnB Rock died have been sought after by fans and media alike.
  • Suspect in the Shooting: Information and updates about the suspect involved in the shooting have been a topic of significant interest.

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