Maksud Agadjani Net Worth 2023: Bio, Education, Family And More

Maksud Agadjani net worth of $20 million,professionally known as Trax, is a distinguished American entrepreneur, jeweler, and actor. He holds the mantle of being the proprietor of TraxNYC.

In this article we will derive an exploration of Maksud Trax’s identity, professional pursuits, early life, personal journey, entrepreneurial inception, career trajectory, financial standing, and more. Join us as we unravel the multifaceted persona of Maksud Trax and gain insights into his impactful endeavors. Keep reading to unveil the intriguing narrative! Aron Accurso was close native to him.

Maksud Agadjani Bio

Maksud Agadjani was born in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in 1986, and later relocated to New York, United States, at the age of 7 when his family moved. The move coincided with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Coming from Azerbaijani roots, Maksud was born into a Muslim family. His father served as a homicide detective, while his mother pursued a career as a journalist. The family holds Azerbaijani-American nationality.

Maksud follows the Islamic faith, identifying as a Muslim. As an immigrant, he is now an American national. Ethnically, he is of white Caucasian heritage, and astrologically, he is born under the Taurus zodiac sign.

NameMaksud Agadjani
Date of BirthSeptember 13, 1986
Place of BirthBaku, Azerbaijan
HeightAround 5 ft 11 Inches
ProfessionBusinessman, Jeweler, YouTuber
FatherA Homicide Detective
MotherA Journalist
Net Worth$20 Million

Maksud Agadjani Education

Maksud Agadjani’s educational journey began in his hometown of Baku, where he completed his first-grade education at a local school. Following his family’s move to New York at the age of seven, he continued his studies and was admitted to the second grade.

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Navigating the challenges of being a 7-year-old immigrant with limited proficiency in English, Maksud vividly recounted an early school experience. During lunchtime in the school cafeteria, he noticed the stark contrast between his simple sandwich in a plastic bag and the elaborate lunches of his peers, complete with juices and more. This experience served as a poignant reminder of his immigrant status and the longing to assimilate into the culture around him.

Maksud pursued the rest of his primary and high school education in New York City. Despite being a commendable student, he chose not to pursue higher education at a university, opting instead to embark on the path of entrepreneurship and immerse himself in the world of business.

Maksud Agadjani Family

In addition to Maksud Agadjani’s father, who worked as a homicide detective, and his mother, who pursued a career in journalism, specific details about his family remain undisclosed. Maksud hails from a sizable Azerbaijani Muslim family, and he spent his formative years growing up with siblings. However, the exact number of siblings and their names remain unknown.

Maksud Agadjani Wife

Currently, Maksud Agadjani remains single and is not married. While there have been reports suggesting that he might be in a relationship, there has been no official confirmation or public acknowledgment of a romantic partner on his social media platforms. Although the status of his relationship remains undisclosed, it is assumed that he may be in a relationship.

In terms of connections, Maksud has established relationships with various celebrities. Notably, he shares a positive rapport with well-known model, TV personality, and social media star, Erica Mena.

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Maksud Agadjani Social Media

Maksud Agadjani and his brand, TraxNYC, boast an impressive online presence. Their YouTube channel has garnered a substantial following of over Maksud Agadjani Net Worth 2.1 million subscribers, featuring a rich collection of 1.5k videos that have collectively amassed an astounding 1 billion views. The inaugural video was uploaded on December 14, 2007, marking the beginning of their engaging content journey. Notably, their most viewed video has surpassed an impressive 2 million views.

In the realm of social media, Maksud enjoys a widespread reach. His Facebook account boasts over 2.3 million followers Maksud Agadjani Net Worthand an impressive tally of 1.2 million likes. On Instagram, he commands a substantial audience, with over 1.2 million followers. Further amplifying his influence, Maksud’s presence on TikTok is formidable, amassing a significant following of over 1.6 million followers and an astonishing 32 million likes.

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Maksud Agadjani Net Worth

Maksud Agadjani’s journey began with a modest Maksud Agadjani Net Worth$1,500 digital camera and a $750 ring, sold on eBay. In 2003, he founded TraxNYC, now a trusted jewelry brand Maksud Agadjani Net Worthin New York. His adept use of content creation since 2007 propelled the brand’s social media following to over 7 million by 2023.

TraxNYC evolved from a street-side venture to a multi-store empire with 14,000 items. Maksud’s savvy management included securing a $700,000 loan, a game-changer for his business. A significant breakthrough occurred when a customer spent $450,000 at his store, attracting a stream of high-profile clients over Maksud Agadjani Net Worth.

Aside from his successful business, Maksud lives a luxurious lifestyle, residing in a million-dollar home, driving prestigious cars, and wearing exquisite jewelry. Despite a jewelry robbery in 2021, insured valuables eased the loss.

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As of 2023, Maksud Agadjani net worth stands at an impressive $20 million, largely from TraxNYC, boasting an annual revenue Maksud Agadjani Net Worth $18.3 million. His journey symbolizes dedication and entrepreneurial acumen, driving success in the jewelry industry and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Maksud Agadjani?

Maksud Agadjani is currently 36 years old.

Who is the CEO of Trax Jewelry?

Maksud Agadjani is the CEO of Trax Jewelry

How long has TraxNYC been in business?

TraxNYC has been successfully operating in New York State for over 20 years, since its establishment in 2003.

When was TraxNYC founded?

TraxNYC was founded in the year 2003 by its CEO, Maksud Agadjani.

What is Maksud Agadjani Net Worth?

Maksud Agadjani Net is Worth approximately $20 million.

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