Long Island Audit Net Worth 2023, Bio, Age, Controversy

Long Island Audit, with a net worth of approximately $1,005,114 as of September 2023, is a prominent YouTube channel hailing from the United States. Created in March 2021, the channel has amassed over 557,000 subscribers and 155.83 million views. Specializing in societal content, it has grown rapidly in popularity and influence. The channel’s success is a testament to its engaging content and dedicated viewership.

Beyond its programming, however, viewers have developed an interest in the Long Island Audit channel’s financial viability.

There are more than 557.00K subscribers to the American YouTube channel Long Island Audit. Since it began two years ago, 341 videos have been posted.

Long Island Audit Net Worth

Long Island Audit was created on 7 of March 2021 and till now 341 videos have been uploaded on the channel. The channel has really a great net worth of $1,005,114. And the popularity of the channel can be easily predicted by its number of subscribers. Its estimated average earnings are:


Long Island Audit, Sean Rays

Sean Paul, a Grammy-winning dancehall rapper and reggae musician from Jamaica, has a $25 million fortune. Sean Paul is one of the most recognizable personalities in contemporary music, having become a global sensation in the 2000s and beyond.

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Sean Paul Reyes, also known as “The Long Island Auditor,” describes himself as a champion of the First Amendment in a series of films that have amassed more than 500,000 followers and millions of views across many social media platforms.

Long Island Audit Sean Reyes Biography

NameSean Paul Reyes
Birth PlaceKingston, Jamaica
Martial StatusMarried
Age50 Years
Height173 cm
Weight70-75 kg

Long Island Audit Lawsuit

Following the incident in July 2021, when SeanPaul Reyes, of Long Island, New York, was approached by a security officer and a city employee for recording in the municipal building on Deer Hill Avenue, he was charged with simple trespass and causing a public disturbance.

Reyes, who records his meetings with law enforcement and government officials for his YouTube channel Long Island Audit, entered a not-guilty plea to the two offenses and went to trial in state Superior Court in Danbury.

According to the court clerk’s office, the 31-year-old was found guilty of simple trespass on Monday but not of causing a commotion in the public and was given a $90 fine. 

Long Island Audit Apology

A self-described activist who was detained for obstruction in May while filming a Harford County Sheriff’s officer during a traffic check has reached a plea agreement with the prosecution.

In exchange, Sean Paul Reyes of New York promised to compose an apology letter and perform community work. After his apology, everything became okay peacefully.



The Long Island Audit YouTube channel provides an illustration of how online content makers may make money by capitalizing on certain niches and giving their audience useful material. The devotion and effort put into making educational and interesting videos are reflected in the channel’s net worth.

As the digital world develops, content producers like Long Island Audit have the chance to not only increase their wealth but also have a good influence by encouraging accountability and transparency across several industries. The fact that these channels are financially successful is evidence of the ever-expanding opportunities of the digital era.

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