Who is Ezsnippet? Profession, Salary Wiki, Age, Portfolio Net Worth and Girlfriend

Ezsnippet age 26, also known as Neeraj Walia, is a tech influencer with massive Instagram following. He’s super good at making computer stuff work better, especially with cloud-based solutions and fancy tech like JavaScript and AWS. Check his work portfolio too.

Who is Ezsnippet? Bio


Neeraj Walia, the brain behind Ezsnippet, loves fixing things in the tech world. He is from Hariyana. He’s really into making websites and apps smarter. You’ll often find him playing with languages like JavaScript, React, Next.js, and some other cool tech things like AWS and GraphQL.

What Job does Ezsnippet Work?

Ezsnippet is currently working as a Team Lead at Yellowai.

Ezsnippet Age

Ezsnippet is 26 Year old born in Hariyana and currently working in IT Job. He has achieved professional skills in JavaScipt, React, Next.js.

Ezsnippet on Instagram

Guess what? Ezsnippet is a big shot on Instagram too! Check out his handle ‘ezsnippet‘—he’s got a massive gang of 1.4 million followers eager to soak up his tech wisdom.

Ezsnippet Work Portfolio

Ezsnippet GitHub Profile

Ezsnippet Salary

Ezsnippet is currently working in IT Industry and has salary of 2.5 Lakhs monthly. Also, he started sponsorships on his Instagram accounts which add another lakhs into his monthly income.

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Ezsnippet Girlfriend

Ezsnippet is currently single and is not commited in any relationship.

In one of the live question and answer session, Neeray Walia said that he fears modern day relationship and marriages as it is not working out for many. Ezsnippet also said, marriage is the last option as he is currently commited to his job and IT work only.

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Where can I find Ezsnippet’s teachings?

Head to his Instagram handle ‘ezsnippet’—he’s got a huge gang of 1.4 million followers eager to learn from him.

What’s Ezsnippet’s main focus in tech?

He’s all about making cloud-based solutions better and exploring cool tech like AWS and GraphQL.

What is the salary of Ezsnippet aka Neeraj Walia?

Salary of Ezsnippet is 2.5Lakhs/Month

What is the age of Ezsnippet?

Ezsnippet is 26 years old as of 2023

What is typing speed of Ezsnippet?

In one of the video, Ezsnippet tested his typing speed which came around 72.

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