Barbara May Cameron: Who is She? Her Cause of Death

Barbara May Cameron, a name synonymous with activism and cultural advocacy, left an indelible mark in the realms of LGBTQIA+ rights and Native American representation. Born on May 22, 1954, Cameron was not just a celebrated figure in activism but also an accomplished photographer, poet, and writer. As of 2024, her net worth was estimated to be around $5 million, a testament to her impactful career and legacy.

Barbara May Cameron: Early Life and Journey

barbara may cameron

Birth DateMay 22, 1954
Birth PlaceFort Yates, North Dakota
NationalityNative American
TribeHunkpapa Lakota
EducationInstitute of American Indian Arts; San Francisco Art Institute

Barbara May Cameron’s journey began in Fort Yates, North Dakota, where she was born into the Hunkpapa Lakota tribe. Raised by her grandparents on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, she developed a profound connection with her cultural roots. This connection deeply influenced her future endeavors in activism. Cameron pursued her education in photography and film, which later became integral tools in her advocacy work.

Barbara May Cameron: Net Worth in 2024

YearNet Worth
2019$3 Million
2020$3.5 Million
2021$4 Million
2022$4.5 Million
2023$4.8 Million
2024$5 Million

Cameron’s net worth saw a steady increase over the years, reflecting her growing influence and success in her various roles as an activist, artist, and writer.

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Barbara May Cameron: Age and Birthday

Barbara May Cameron was born on May 22, 1954. She celebrated her birthday each year with a spirit that reflected her passion for life and advocacy. Her life, though cut short, was a journey of impactful activism and cultural representation.

Barbara May Cameron: Cause of Death

barbara may cameron

Barbara May Cameron passed away on February 12, 2002, at the age of 47. The cause of her death was attributed to natural causes. Her untimely demise left a void in the activist community, particularly among those advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights and Native American issues.

Barbara May Cameron Wife

barbara may cameron

Barbara May Cameron was in a committed relationship with Linda Boyd. Together, they raised a son, Rhys Boyd-Farrell. Their relationship was not just a personal bond but also a partnership in activism and advocacy.

Details regarding Cameron’s physical attributes are not extensively documented. However, her presence was always impactful, marked by her dedication to her causes and her cultural identity.

Barbara May Cameron: Personal Life and Family

Barbara May Cameron’s personal life was deeply intertwined with her activism. Her relationship with Linda Boyd and their son, Rhys, was a significant aspect of her life. Cameron’s family life, though private, was a source of strength and inspiration in her advocacy work.

Quick Facts about Barbara May Cameron

Barbara May Cameron, a figure of profound influence, left behind a legacy rich in quotes that continue to inspire the LGBTQIA+ and Native American communities. Her life with her wife, Linda Boyd, was a testament to her commitment to both her personal and activist endeavors.

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Despite queries like “Is Barbara May Cameron still alive?” circulating, it’s important to note that she passed away in 2002. Cameron’s talent in photography was just one facet of her multifaceted career, capturing moments that spoke volumes of her advocacy. Her death on February 12, 2002, was a significant loss to the communities she championed. The cause of death was natural causes, leaving many to mourn her passing. When people ask, “Who is Barbara May Cameron?” they find a story of a woman whose life was dedicated to fighting for the rights and recognition of marginalized communities.

More Info about Barbara May Cameron

barbara may cameron

Barbara May Cameron’s birthday on May 22, 1954, marked the beginning of a life that would become deeply influential. At the time of her passing, her age was 47 years. Many often wonder, “How did Barbara May Cameron die?” and it’s known that she died of natural causes.

She is survived by her son, Rhys Boyd-Farrell, whom she raised with her partner, Linda Boyd. The news of Barbara May Cameron died was a shock to many, given her relatively young age. As an author, Cameron contributed significantly to literature, particularly in the realm of LGBTQIA+ and Native American rights. Her books and poetry are a reflection of her deep commitment to these causes.

Questions like “Is Barbara May Cameron gay?” are common, and yes, she was openly gay and a proud advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights. The circumstances of how she died are straightforward, but her legacy is anything but simple, marked by her profound impact on activism and literature.

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FAQ on Barbara May Cameron

  1. Who was Barbara May Cameron? Barbara May Cameron was a Native American photographer, poet, writer, and human rights activist known for her work in lesbian/gay rights, women’s rights, and Native American rights.
  2. What is Barbara May Cameron known for? She is renowned for co-founding the Gay American Indians (GAI) organization, her contributions to LGBTQIA+ and Native American activism, and her impactful work in photography and writing.
  3. When was Barbara May Cameron born? Barbara May Cameron was born on May 22, 1954.
  4. What was Barbara May Cameron’s cause of death? Barbara May Cameron passed away due to natural causes on February 12, 2002.
  5. Did Barbara May Cameron have any children? Yes, Barbara May Cameron and her partner, Linda Boyd, raised a son named Rhys Boyd-Farrell.
  6. What are some notable works of Barbara May Cameron? Cameron contributed significantly to literature, including her work in anthologies like “This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color” and her own essays and poetry.
  7. Was Barbara May Cameron married? While not legally married, Barbara May Cameron was in a long-term committed relationship with her partner, Linda Boyd.
  8. How has Barbara May Cameron’s legacy been honored? Her legacy continues through her impactful work and contributions to literature and activism. She has been recognized posthumously in various ways, including being honored with a Google Doodle on her birthday.


Barbara May Cameron’s life was a tapestry of activism, cultural advocacy, and artistic expression. Her legacy continues to inspire and influence the LGBTQIA+ and Native American communities. As a figure of immense importance, her story resonates with those who seek to understand the intersection of cultural identity and activism. Her life, though tragically short, serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the power of dedicated advocacy.

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